Bail Bonds Colorado

Call Good to Go Bail Bonds for 24-hour bail bonds in Colorado. We provide bail bonds any time and at any jail in all of Colorado. Good to Go Bail Bonds makes the process as painless and easy as possible for our clients. We have a very straight-forward and simple process, and we can get your loved one out of jail within a few hours. If you already know what jail they are in, what their charge is, and how much their cash bond has been set to, then you can stop by our office or call us. You will need:

  • Proof of income
  • Two valid IDs
  • Proof of address (usually a utility bill) within the last 30 days
  • Vehicle title, property deed, or some other form of physical collateral that covers the amount of the bond
  • At least 10% of the amount of the cash bond

Note, it’s best that you call us before you come in and talk to one of our bail bond agents who can go over the details of your situation with you and advise you regarding what to bring with you.

Surely, going to jail is an unnerving experience for anyone, whether the individual has been to jail before or not. The uncertainty and stress are enough to make anyone miserable. But it can be equally as stressful and unnerving for the person who is trying to get their friend or loved one out of jail. This is especially true if the person knows nothing about bail bonds and the process of getting someone out of jail.

What if My Loved One Doesn’t Have a Bail?

Most of the time, people will be given bail as soon as they are arrested. However, if the person has a history of not making it to court when released or bailed out, and depending on the nature of the charge, the arrestee may have to wait until their arraignment for the judge to assign them bail. Here, the judge will determine if bail will be given and set the bail amount.

If no bail is given, then, unfortunately, the individual will have to stay in jail until their case is resolved in court.

What if I Can’t Afford the Bail?

There are a number of reasons why a judge may set the bail higher than normal. Each criminal charge – misdemeanor and felony – has standard bail amounts. However, the judge looks at past convictions, flight risk, and aggravating factors that could cause the judge to set the bail higher than normal. In the case where a person can’t afford the bail, they can ask for a hearing for a bail reduction. If not, they may be able to raise 10% of the cash bond and contact Good to Go Bail Bonds or a surety bond. In this case, a qualified promisor will need to place an asset or piece of property up as collateral for the surety bond.

Call Good to Go Bail Bonds in Colorado.

Bail Bonds Colorado

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