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We all want to believe that our employers have our best interest at heart, and they will adhere to the details of the contractual agreement because they want to honor our rights and their obligations. The employment law is highly complex, and employers who draft employment contracts know a few ways to turn the weak points into opportunities for exploitation.

An employment discrimination lawyer handles the wide variety of issues you could face and provides legal counsel and representation should you have to go to court. Some employment lawyers deal with transactional cases and will draft documents and write other applications without ever going to court. There are litigation attorneys who do all the judicial work, including pursuing civil lawsuits and appeals.

When To Hire A Race Discrimination Lawyer

When Creating Company Policies

Our services are essential for both employees and employers, and we can help draft policies that will benefit you to earn your best for as long as the contract runs. We can help with the draft handbook, severance agreement, and any other contract you need for smooth employment.

Negotiate Business Laws

The federal government requires that employers and employees set up bargaining agreements when they get into unions. You need legal representation to ensure that the negotiation is fair and that the other party has all of your best interests at heart.

Companies with at-will employment policies should use a local age discrimination lawyer to ensure they are not violating the law and are offering opportunities for people of different races, gender, and disability conditions to earn the best. Some of the laws we will refer to make a better experience include:

  • The Civil Rights Act
  • Age Discrimination Act
  • Genetic Information Non-Discrimination Act
  • The Americans with Disabilities Act

These laws prevent the other party from discriminating when hiring, promoting, or imposing different conditions on your status in the organization.

Defend Against Lawsuits

Employees and employers can file lawsuits for so many different reasons. Are you aware that an attorney can defend you just as much as they can file a lawsuit? The litigator will represent you in court proceedings and settlement talks.

Establish Your Benefits

Federal law requires that you provide certain benefits to your employees, and the employees can use this to sue you when they do not get their benefits. We help employers modify their contracts, so they are not in legal trouble for not offering things like 401k benefits and disability resources to deserving staff.

Employees who feel like they need help to get all of their benefits should also use the discrimination law firms to dig out evidence and use well-document statements to help serve due justice.

Our employment lawyer in Jacksonville will advise you on the right amount of payoffs to make to these employees, whether you can afford a reduction, and how best to comply with the law so that you still meet contractual agreements while keeping a fairer end the deal for the greater good.

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Employment Lawyer Jacksonville