Sacramento Criminal Defense

Sacramento criminal defense

Are you facing criminal charges that could affect your freedom and future? Then you need to get a competent Sacramento criminal defense lawyer to take up your case. It doesn’t matter if you’re innocent or guilty because so much goes into court cases other than appearing before the judge and telling the truth. You’ll need to fill paperwork, post bail, talk to interrogators, etc. All these could be overwhelming, and missing any step or making the wrong statement could prove costly. If you’re searching for experienced criminal lawyers in Sacramento, you shouldn’t look beyond our team of expert attorneys at Brenna Defense.

What can a criminal lawyer do for me?

Sacramento criminal defense attorneys have a full understanding of the state of federal criminal laws. They have the connections, knowledge, and experience their clients need to navigate the difficult period between an arrest and the judgment. Below are some of the things a criminal lawyer in Sacramento can do for you:

  • Help you understand the charges you’re facing and the possible penalties.
  • Keep track of all legal paperwork and ensure you fill them correctly.
  • Ensure that your prosecutors do not take advantage of you, especially when trying to draw out a confession.
  • Defend you in an out of work and ensure you go scot-free or get the mildest sentence possible.
  • Keep the wheels of your case moving and ensure the case is tried speedily.
  • Save you from paying exorbitant fees and fines or spending too much time off work.
  • Provide emotional and technical support, especially in the darkest periods when you have no one to talk to.

What are the factors to consider before hiring a criminal lawyer?

There are many competent criminal lawyers out there, but not all of them will be a good fit for you. But how do you know if the lawyer you’re about to hire is the best for your case? Here’s a list of some of the factors you need to consider before hiring a Sacramento criminal defense attorney:

  • The lawyer(s) handling your case if you’re working with a large firm
  • The lawyer’s experience and number of court appearances
  • The lawyer’s area of specialization- even criminal defense attorneys, may have specific types of criminal cases they handle.
  • The company’s rates and billing structure, including hidden fees, if any.
  • Their style of communication- do they keep their clients in the loop or leave a communication gap?

Protect your rights by hiring our Sacramento criminal defense attorneys            

Have you been arrested for a criminal offense in Sacramento, California? It doesn’t matter if you think the offense is serious or not. You should contract the services of an aggressive criminal defense law firm like Brenan defense immediately.

As your criminal defense attorneys, J.P. Brennan will provide the legal expertise you need to navigate the turbulent waters ahead. He boasts 25 years of law practice experience, including several years as a successful prosecutor and an in-house investigator. Contact the Brennan Defense law office on 916-498-1776 for a free consultation.

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