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A tax attorney is relevant for so many stages of a business, such as when you are getting audited by the IRS, facing enforcement seizures, or simply starting a business. There are less common situations when you do not know if you need an attorney, such as when you transfer properties to a loved one or have to pass down the assets to an heir. Hiring tax lawyers and expert law firms makes sense because you protect yourself and the business from legal repercussions that are inevitable when running a business.

When To Hire A Top-Rated California Attorney For Your Business

IRS Auditing

A couple of IRS audits are not a cause for alarm, and you will not need to worry about hiring an attorney. Some of these audits go over well, which is even more why you do not need an attorney.

However, do not hesitate to hire us if you have doubts about an audit and need legal representation to settle your case. We can do this in multiple ways, including making offers to cover the penalty or offering a middle ground between your business and the law’s demands.

People in complicated situations with the IRS cannot afford to pursue the case without business estate and tax attorneys because there is hardly an option to compromise with the law, so get started soon with speedy resolutions.

Facing Criminal Charges

Criminal charges are hard to beat without an attorney who knows how to work around the case. The government is tough on people who carelessly evade tax, file the wrong returns, or conceal the basic information of their income. Things take a turn for the worse if you have an employee claiming fraudulent numbers and adding even more trouble to your finances. An attorney separates you from the entities and activities with criminal involvement, so you do not end up in jail or prison or have an unfairly colossal punishment.

Handle Legal Communications

Do you need to negotiate with a government body about your business? Most of these do not handle direct communication with business people because they have protocols that tie into the legal system. An attorney understands the many forms of legal issues that come up in these scenarios and will be vigilant in representing you for a favorable outcome.

The IRS is particularly strict with these kinds of communication protocols and even states that they will not honor certain forms if does not have proper legal representation. Putting is in charge goes a long way in reducing the stress of taxes and amending your account to reflect the necessary scope of the business practice.

Final Word On Hiring A Tax Attorney In Orinda

Mendes Weed LLP attorneys know enough about tax laws because we have cases for many different clients in several industries. Contact our experienced professional tax lawyers to start figuring out the roadmap of your case and crucial details like the timeline it will take to complete the case and the overall cost of tax law services.

Tax Attorney Orinda

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